Our ESG Policy

We are committed as a manager of real estate capital to use our influence where possible to improve the sustainability of the built environment. We do this through the careful specification of developments and the management and refurbishment of buildings under our care. Through this approach our goal is to reduce carbon emissions from the built environment, mitigate the effects of climate change, minimise the consumption of resources, promote wellbeing and quality of life and protect biodiversity.

Measuring, Monitoring and Performance

To ensure our commitments are met, we have established an ESG strategy supported by an environmental management system (EMS) aligned to the internationally recognised standard, ISO 14001. The framework ensures the development and continual improvement of our ESG performance, but also enshrines our commitments as a business. In order to track both our progress and help drive further performance we submit data across a series of platforms at Industry level including UNPRI, AREF and GRESB. Early on it’s important to understand energy, waste and water usage within our portfolios in order to identify opportunities at inefficient properties and to gauge what areas are worth investigating in order to focus efforts.

ESG Policy Objectives

To further support our principles, we have developed objectives categorised across our investment stages: Transactions, Developments & Refurbishments and Operational. To ensure the tracking and achievement of each objective, key performance indicators (KPIs) have also been established, including measurable success parameters and defined timescales. Advent Capital Investments Ltd will endeavour to inform and support all employees and key stakeholders in their responsibilities for governing these commitments. This policy applies to all Advent Capital Investments Ltd investments and related business operations. A review of this policy, objectives and progress against KPIs will be monitored and reported at least annually by the Advent Capital Investments Ltd Board.